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Wikiman – Offline system documentation search engine

Wikiman provides an easy terminal user interface for browsing documentation without the need to be exact and connected to the internet.

GitHub Open-source POSIX shell GNU/Linux FreeBSD awk

Customizable Academic Timetable PWA

The goal of this project was to create an easy-to-use timetable service for both students and professors at my faculty with customizable filtering of attending classes as the main feature.

Website GitHub Open-source TypeScript Go Python React

High Speed Pipelined Adaptive Median Filter FPGA Architecture

This paper describes pipelined FPGA architecture for digital image filtering with linear and adaptive median filter. In order to find the median luminance required for the adaptive median filter, two algorithms have been implemented and compared: bitonic sorting and cumulative histogram.

Article GitHub Open-source VHDL FPGA Python ModelSim

Dynamical Modeling, Analysis and Hardware Implementaton of a Self-balancing Robot

The aim of this project is modeling, simulation and implementation of a self-balancing robot. The problem of a self-balancing robot is considered as a problem of inverted pendulum stabilisation, while a DC motor is used as the drive motor.

Article GitHub Open-source MATLAB SketchUp Arduino

Face Landmark Detection

This project shows an implementation of a system for face landmark detection on a portrait. Haar-like features are used for face detection. Facial landmarks mark 20 specific facial points. They are classified using GentleBoost classification algorithm.

Article GitHub Open-source Python MATLAB

Asteria Network – Networked Raspberry Pi Based Meteor Tracking Camera System

The goal of this project is to observe meteors, by a global network of CCTV cameras pointed at the night sky. Each camera is connected to a Raspberry Pi 2 running open-source software for video capture, compression and meteor detection.

Article GitHub Open-source Python Linux Raspberry Pi

Embedded School Bell System

This project is a school bell system implemented using Python on a Raspberry Pi 3 board. In addition to software control, a PCB shield was designed for easier control by school staff.

Article GitHub Open-source Python Raspberry Pi KiCad


Memristor Robotics

Junior Computer Vision Engineer

Petnica Science Center

Assistant at Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

Applied Physics and Electronics Club

Founder and lecturer


Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Novi Sad

Computing and Control Engineering

Jovan Jovanović Zmaj
Grammar School, Novi Sad

Computer Science Class



C++ x86 Assembly
TypeScript Go

Hardware development


System Administration

GNU/Linux FreeBSD


Photoshop Illustrator



proficient, CAE certificate (2015)


native tongue


basic knowledge, A1 level